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July '21 (Ongoing)

“Microcast“ (short podcast) application about finance and cryptocurrency. Using Microsoft Azure TTS API to generate audio files, then store them in a BackBlaze B2 bucket.
Users can create playlists and export them into their favorite podcast application.

  • Application architecture
  • Multi-language full-text Search
  • I18n

Koba Civique

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March '18 - July '21 (3 years and 4 months)

When I got hired, the team was using Locomotive CMS and decided to move forward using SPAs and REST APIs.
At first, I was in charge of debugging the old version, then moved on the new version. During my time over there, I mainly worked on developing and maintaining SaaS applications. (Microservices architecture) On the later half, we added both Flutter and GraphQL into the stack.

Old version :

  • Debugging...
  • Drag and drop implementation using Vue.js

New version :

  • Gem creation allowing sending mails in production using Mandrill
  • Learned how to use React (Redux / (Pure)Component / Functional Component / React Context / Glimpse of Typescript)
  • MJML Templates
  • Built microservices architecture with REST APIs, then later a GraphQL API
  • Implemented JWT based Authentication strategy
  • Kafka setup as a source of truth (using Karafka)
  • Implemented / Integrated a connexion portal (SSO)
  • Refactored React class components into functional components
  • Gitlab CI/CD
  • Developed Mon App Citoyen using Flutter
  • Code reviews !